Saturday, May 17, 2008

Look what I can do! Just an update.

Let's see, what other updates: She wants to drink from a cup. She wants to feed herself, unless I'm sharing something yummy from whatever I'm eating- then she'll let me feed her. She says, "dada, momma, hi, beby and ba" (for ball) and she's starting to say "poobie."

- Which is a word that we call each other around here. It just came into my head one day and I thought it but didn't say it because it sounded too weird. But it screamed in my head to be said. We started using it when we brought home a little ultrasound picture of Athena. She looked like a chubby little grub. We stuck it to the fridge and dubbed it poobie. And it stuck.

She can climb on chairs, she loves to be outside, but gets annoyed when I work on weed pulling. She loves when dad comes home and throws her around outside, then he tinkers in the garden while she plays with rocks. She swings on the little dog house which bunny never used.

She points at the moon, birds, planes and we chase butterflies.

She likes to look at the washing machine fill up. She goes up and down stairs alone, and throws things down them. She likes to hide behind me and laugh when I finally discover her. She runs away when I say, "lets change your diaper." She does a lot these days. too much to write. We'll have to come visit the farm soon so she can play with her cousins. It's nice having family close.


Casey Redd Kennington said...

What a kid! Come visit! You can sleep on your old bed, if you want....but you probably don't...want..

Betsy B. said...

She looks like she keeps you busy. How fun! I'll be in Caldwell this weekend...what are you all up to?

Snigger Fam said...

Could that girl be any cuter???!