Monday, November 17, 2008

I had a Baby Shower

My friend and I shared a baby shower Saturday. We're due three days apart from each other. It was fun! I decided I like the joint showers because then I'm not in the limelight all alone. We both won some great loot. On the same day Conrad went shooting, then he went paint balling, then he had a LAN party. All with my brothers. By the end of the day he was tired of shooting stuff. Also on the same day Athena had her first birthday party. She gave a doll stroller to the two-year-old birthday girl from her nursery class at church. While there I gathered ideas for Athena's soon to be two-year-old party. It was a busy day and we were so ready to sleep by the end of it.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Athena loved Halloween. She's really getting into the spirit of different holidays and it's so fun to get her excited about them. Conrad was Indiana Jones, I was a Geisha, and Athena was a fairy.
Later the next day Athena asked me to put her fairy wings back on and when I did she stood up and said, pointing outside, "pay haween?" (play Halloween?) She thought we could go trick or treating again. I told her Halloween was all done, but she could eat her candy if she wanted.