Friday, March 6, 2009

Kiddo Update

Carson is three months old. He sleeps and eats great. His 'teeth' are beginning to move under his gums and bother him. He is happy boy though. He doesn't really complain much. He fusses when he's about to fall asleep and that's about it. pretty chill. It's so different having a boy- he is one solid kid. kind of tall I think. Chubbier than Athena was- she never had any chub. He likes to be sung to - fun songs like "Jesus wants me for a suuun BEAN!" and I make up rhymes on the spot. Some days I'm good at it, but other days, I'm not.

When we're driving in the car and he gets cranky I sing the "sun beam song" it makes him coo and smile, but Athena has appointed herself the singing police and she tries to silence me, so it's either he cries and she's quiet, or he's cooing and she complains that I'm singing.

She has begun to throw temper tantrums as of a week ago. She averages about 5 a day. I put her in her room and when she's done raging she can come out. "I happy now." she says with a tear streaked face. It's wearing to be around this raw emotion all day. It makes me want to throw my own adult form of a temper tantrum, and I have, but I never feel good after, so I have to be careful not to let her emotions rule mine.

I think she shocked herself yesterday but I'm not certain. She plays with her night light; turns it off and on, unscrews the bulb from the socket- yeah a bit scary. BUT yesterday I noticed she pulled the glass bulb out of the metal encasing when she was playing in her room before her nap. The encasing stayed inside the night light socket and the bulb hung from the encasing by a metal thread. It looked really dangerous so I took the night light away and later when I talked to her about how she won't have a light tonight, because it's broken, she said, "yeah, an i hurt my theener." (finger) We talked about it for a while and it seemed like she might have shocked herself. It would have happened while I was in the shower for fifteen minutes. But she's happy and there's no blood. So.. I guess we're good.

I still edit and really like it. I go to a gym I just joined and really like it. Athena says, "I wanna goda-a bym" (go to the gym). They go to the kid's cove while I work out. (Freedom Fitness in Kuna)
Conrad dutifully plays World of Warcraft with Vanessa (his sister). Funny thing; he woke up yesterday from a couch nap and spoke kind of rushed, "Vanessa.... get that..." something something something. I thought he was calling me Vanessa, and he thought he was playing World of Warcraft. Here is a picture of Athena and her friend taking a wheel barrow ride.