Friday, February 29, 2008

So - is my blog less lame now?

Does this fuzzy picture of my hot farm boy load at normal speed?

Mystery Tree Discovered

I've been loving this tree since I set eyes on it last year. I've wondered what its name was so I could buy one and stick it in my yard. It's a Globe Willow! thanks to my smart friends at

Athena Totaled Conrad's Computer

2-18-08-025-resize.jpgConrad’s computer is on ground level and Athena likes to mess with it. I vote put the computer up - it’s called baby proofing. But for whatever reason that is impossible. “Its cables won't reach that high,” or “It will encroach on my desk space.” You could say it’s a bit of a debate here. Well, my parenting style is to interfere as little as possible, and yes that style, albeit somewhat lazy, is changing right along with Athena’s abilities.

She likes to get behind Conrad’s computer and tug on the wires. — Is that fact a little un-nerving for those of you who trust in Conrad’s server’s reliability? — Anyhow, I figured the little annoyances she committed would get him to move the computer up. So I didn’t run to stop her when she was playing behind his computer yesterday. She had that look on her face that children get when they are having educational play; you could see those brain cogs spinning. I didn’t interfere. Until a little later when I felt like I should so I did.

Well during her bath that night Conrad asks, “Why isn’t my computer working?” I knew right away. “I don’t know honey; Athena was playing behind it today.” Well, neither of us knows what she did, but Conrad has to re-install his operating system and the programs that go with it. And he lost his whole hard drive, and the taxes that were filed in there.

Of course he was justifiably accusatory at first, and I felt my argument was holding up well, my voice the kind, rational sounding one; I was gaining ground. He calmed himself and went to fix the damage like the upbeat problem solver he is, and I knew it was all my fault.

So there’s a baby gate to the office entrance. And now he’s not worried that his valuable computer is taking a beating while his wife is off in another room, indifferent. Aww, I’m sorry Conrad! Sounds pretty bad in that light.

I still vote put it up higher. whatever, a baby gate works too.