Wednesday, May 28, 2008

An Accidental Lunge and Kiss

I woke up and snickered at myself at 2:27 this morning, because I caught myself doing something goofy in my sleep. I dreamed I was laughing and playing with Athena. Conrad rolled over so he was facing me. I opened my eyes, but remained in my dream. I playfully lunged up at his face and kissed his nose with a loud smack. "Mwa!" I exaggerated out loud. I realized only then that it was not Athena, but Conrad and apparently, we were both in mid slumber. Worried I had made him grumpy (I woulda' been) I whispered in earnest, "Oh sorry, I thought you were Athena!" He didn't reply, eyes still closed. I rolled over, checked the clock and laughed to myself before going back to sleep.

I asked him about it in the morning. He has no recollection.

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