Monday, March 31, 2008

We have 300 new pets that live on our dryer.

Conrad has a "No livestock in the house" policy but he got really excited over this new composting method, so now we have 300 worms soundlessly nibbling away at our kitchen scraps day and night. We keep them on our dryer for now since it's too cold outside. It's cute to see how excited Conrad gets over this. I like seeing him care about his new little wormies.

He found them all crawling into the wrong shelf yesterday where there's no food. He said, "Sarah, help me move the worms!" It was so sweet to see him care about helpless worms.

It's a cool system: Just a bunch of boxes stacked on top of each other. Each box has an open top and a grate like bottom. You put the scraps in the top shelf where all the worms eat it. The resulting compost falls through the grate and a week or two later you pull out the bottom shelf and use that rich beautiful fertile compost.

Since the worms like to hang out with the food up top, the lower shelf has worm free compost. Yay!

Oh- That spigot is to let the "worm tea" out. It's high in nutrients. - ahem for plants that is, and I hear it's actually pretty expensive to buy.


Casey Redd Kennington said...

LOL. Worms, why did it have to be worms?

Snigger Fam said...

I don't know what's weirder, that you have a colony of worms living with you or that you're excited about it. lol. Sounds cool though!!! Compost, yeah!!!!

Brielle & Jeffrey Kennington said...

Thats very cool. My Dad just keeps his in a plastic bin and throws scraps in every once in awhile.

Patty said...

Sounds like it has possibilities. I might possibly prefer donating my table scraps to noiseless worms busy making compost and compost tea, rather than being accosted by the whiney welfare cat who lives in my garage.

Hayden said...

I have no garden. And I killed off my two house plants months ago. But lately I have been wanting to recycle food and what not for compost. Where did you get your worm box? Do you have do do anything other than feed them your scraps. Remember, house plants were too much dedication and commitment for me. I'm surprised my children are thriving.