Saturday, March 8, 2008

Rant on meetings and getting lost

I hate getting lost. I do it all the time, and I feel stupid every time. I went off to a scout training meeting, Athena in tow- I didn't get a sitter lined up in time. The training was supposed to be on abuse- recognizing it and all that. It was scheduled for 9am to 3pm- odd? Yeah. I figured I'd do 3 hours max. That should cover it right? Still I had little faith it would be covered in that time.

Well I got lost because the street that was supposed to be named 2nd was actually named something else. I wandered back and forth then finally called Conrad to look it up for me and guide me there. As he gave me directions from I imagined he saw my little car driving around aimlessly on the map- a big arrow following it around that says: "Here's stupid" I got there half an hour late- irritated with myself and the situation.

Once inside, a sign at the foot of the stairs said, "Scout training session on the left" I was thinking, You sure it's the left? It's not going to change its name halfway up the stairs is it? Inside the meeting no one had children- I knew that would be the case- only 15 to 20 people were there and the scout leader was talking sooo sloooww. He was describing the duties of each leader type; "and the cub master's job is fun because they get to do this, and the weblos are like that." There was no way Athena was going to stay quiet for this; without other kids to counter her the tiniest peep was an offense to the silence.

I asked the guy next to me when they were going to get to the abuse training. He said they were doing it now and that it would last 3 hours. He didn't know that I perceived a joke in his comment; why, yes this would be abuse wouldn't it? Even though I spent half an hour searching for this place I immediately knew I wouldn't stay. I sat there a grand total of 2 minutes, then left. Wasting half an hour to get someplace doesn't warrant wasting an additional 3 hours just because you want to make that initial wasted half hour count for something.

If the meeting doesn't apply to me I'd rather be home. And I'm new to scouting, but so far every scout meeting I've been to is a huge waste of time. The part where you're with the boys is fun and worthwhile. The adult meetings: lame-wad.

I got lost leaving that meeting too. I know, I'm completely hopeless.


Dale said...

Good luck with the scout "training" meetings. :) They have a lot in common with airport security.

Sarah said...


Brielle & Jeffrey Kennington said...

I feel really bad for you. Not that your lame but because I too hate meetings and I hate driving to places I've never been to before.

michael said...

You might've missed out on some really good refreshments!! What's wrong with you?!

j/k :). Too bad you got lost! I have a "getting lost" plan. If I'm lost, I find the nearest establishment that sells treats. I go there, buy some goodies, then eat them slowly. The quality of the treats I purchase is proportional to the degree of stress I'm feeling multiplied by two minus my cheapness factor.

In other words Q-sub-T = (2 * S-sub-m) - (C)
Q-sub-T = Quality of Treat
S-sub-M = Stress of Mike
C = Cheapness factor (seemingly random integer based on a very complex and mysterious formula that I keep secret)

Usually clears my mind. It works so well, I often use my lost plan when I'm not lost.

Sarah said...

LOL! Mike- The next time I'm lost I will say out loud to myself. "I think I need a treat," and I'll think of you. That was great, but if I try to do math while I'm lost it might put me over the edge.