Saturday, December 6, 2008

Athena is Changing

These last few days she has;

Learned to climb up the bar stool onto the counter. She grabbed the biggest knife we own and put it in one of many glass mason jars that were up there with her at the time.

She climbs up on the piano and grabs at the Christmas decorations. She slipped off the piano bench and almost took the decorations with her.

She got her whole body stuck in the six-inch space under her bed. When I ran upstairs to respond to her muffled cries for help I didn't see her anywhere, but once I lifted the dust ruffle I found her laying there, her head wedged between the bed frame's wheel and the headboard.

She bit into one of my prenatal pills but brought it to me, spit out in her hand because it was, "yucky."

She reached into her diaper during nap time and pulled out some poop and painted the carpet with it.

The first thing she did when I showed her her new toy shelving was to climb into it. - This climbing- it's not like her at all- this is totally new.

I stopped her in the nick of time yesterday when she climbed onto her piano and almost pulled a house plant onto her head.

She stumbles and wiggles a lot! It's hard to wash her up and other basics with my huge belly, lack of energy, and slow response time; but that will change in a few weeks :)

Tonight she ran downstairs naked having escaped the bathtub. That's new.

And bud-a-bing, just now as I type this there was a loud bonk against the floor upstairs. She fell out of bed. I found the flush-faced bedhead sitting, confused and cranky in a pile of blankets.

To top it all off she doesn't listen worth beans. Especially while in public. It's very irritating.

But; I love that girl. I need my energy back though. This is really gonna be tough having two.

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Casey Redd Kennington said...

Sarah, I love love your litte one! Casey just showed me pictures of your boy. I have to say that I think you are a 9 already when you got to the hospital. I think you are my hero. And in the picture you do not even look like you just had a baby, you look so very cute. Congrats! I cannot wait to come and see him when you are ready for visitors. And please let me know if we can do anything. Babysit Athena for a day? That girl is getting so big...and what a climber. Anyway, love you. You are a mommy of TWO!

love Katie Kennington