Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Athena has a Monster

I don't need a lot of help spooking myself; I have an active imagination and I could write some pretty gruesome tales. I don't watch anything scary. If it has an ounce of scary I won't watch it, read it, or listen to it. It will bother me for too long and disturb my peace too much. Likewise, I keep Athena from anything scary. I don't want her seeing violence, or anything like that. No spooky eerie music, nothing that is intended to spook. At all. I take my peace very seriously and I protect hers. There is a solid strength in a person's peace and it's not something I want to undermine.

Well, she's going through a phase where she won't let us leave her room after we put her in bed for the night. She is afraid. And she's also been waking up at night crying, and I think she's got some fears. She'll look at the top of her dresser like she's afraid of it. She did this a couple months ago then forgot about it, and now she's picking it back up again.

Tonight she pointed at her door and said in a worried tone, "blue eyes, white teeth." My daughter has a monster in her room... :( I asked if he was her friend and she said yes, but that's just because she's agreeable and doesn't know how to verbalize any other answer. So then I gave her some extra toys and books in her bed; I told her to read a book to her babies and I put some kid lullaby music on. Maybe I'll have to put something up on the wall in her room. Like a wow wow wubbzy decal, or princess decal- something that will be sure to chase any monsters away... Some princesses though, -if you stare at them in the dark long enough, start to wiggle their eyebrows and scowl at you. You see what I deal with? There goes my active imagination again. :)


Anonymous said...

give her a water bottle with monster spray(just water of course) and she can spray away any monsters. You can adjust the sprayer so it barely sprays a mist, so she doesn't soak her room LOL

Sarah said...

lol Amy!- I'll have to try that if her monster wont leave.

Janelle said...

Ryan goes through this every once and a while and we just go into his room together and chase away all the bad monsters cause we are way scarrier than they are, it seems to give him power over his fears. It works for him and now it is a game we go and scare the monsters away before bed!

Beth said...

maybe she saw a monster with blue eyes and white teeth on wow wow wubzy...;) I like the monster spray idea.