Thursday, May 6, 2010

I guess I'll update

I am learning to relinquish a little control and say "no" less often. I need to let Athena have her way more and give her more wiggle room. She's getting older, and more independent; and lately she doesn't comply with a lot of my requests. Many of you recognize this behavior as childhood!, Or human nature. So I'll relax and let her 'fart around' as I call it.

I'm also taking this approach to scouts. I teach the bear cub scouts and there's a side to my temperament that allows me to be quick-witted with them and take them off guard with my surprising humor. It ropes them in and allows for jovial give-and-take that we both really enjoy. This side of me is laid back, casual, and a bit of a goof-off. The other side of my temperament demands control of the room - I must be listened to now; IsaidNOW! I hate the way I feel when I let this side take over and I know I'm wrong when I do it. Scouts is drudgery when this side prevails. So - now I plan well and then once I get there, care less, and enjoy them for what they are.

I'm still editing, but I think I want to stop for a while and throw my energies into something else; Yard projects sure, but I want to learn how to develop web pages; I want to learn how to make things pretty. I don't know if I have the interest and patience to learn how to write code that makes the website 'do stuff' though. I've dabbled in html and I get the concept. I love btw. It's taught me a lot. My web design interest got derailed a while because morning sickness sapped my will for a bit, but I've come out of that. And then editing projects keep coming up that I keep saying yes to -It's habitual for me to always have some editing project I'm working on. They slip into my email and I do them. It's comfortable and comes easy but it's time to challenge myself with something I'm not good at now.

We had the flu last week and I got it the worst. I was in bed all Saturday and only got up to puke and lose other fluids. Conrad was home to take care of the kids. They scrounged on sugary foods and left a mess through out the house that would make rabid monkeys look tame.

Kids are happy and growing. Athena likes to pretend to be the mommy and she puts on my lip gloss many times a day. Yesterday I taught her that she can chew gum and wear lip gloss at the same time! When she pretends to be me I see myself through her eyes. The other day she dutifully scanned the stud finder across the pictures on the wall. Once that chore was done she climbed in my bed upstairs.

She informed me, "I have to take a little rest. If you come in here I'll give you a wittle spankin'"
"Okay" I said, trying not to laugh at the exact words that always come out of my own mouth when I'm trying to take a much needed nap.
She came downstairs ten minutes later.
"What are you going to do now?" I asked her
"I'm going to work on my cup-uter." She said, a serene but decisive look on her face.

Later - "Why did you put Carson in his room?"
"I'm putting Carson in his room because this toy is stupid." - hmm is that how my reasoning comes across to her? Yikes.

During lunch: "Mom! Look I have power!" - she said, her fingers all pointed in my direction.
"What kind of power?"
"Red Power. And Carson has orange power, and Daddy has green power," she said.
"What kind of power do I have?" I asked.
"You don't have power," she replied.
"Athena, what's power?" I asked.
"Power is a drink," she answered.

Later- "Mommy. I'm sorry I puke in your room. It was a lot of puke, and I'm sorry to do that puke... it was yellow." - I checked my room. No puke. Whew!

Carson is very clingy lately. He's got diarrhea and doesn't want to eat much. When he doesn't smell like sneeze he has his usual baby sweetness. I know he is a small toddler, yet I still cradle him like a baby and he loves it. I love to squeeze his little cheeks lightly and just hold them. He is a cuddler! He loves his bink and a soft thick blanket to cuddle with. I like to watch his face change as he watches tv or as he plays. He also likes to chase the vacuum cleaner. He can walk, but he is in no hurry to do it so he crawls for now. Carson is a big boob; he will cry about any owie and he likes to be babied. I like to baby him, but sometimes I say, "you're okay ham-bone." After dinner sometimes he smells like a 'ham-bone' or a 'beef-cake' because he likes to rub whatever he is eating all over his face and head.

We play monster and he runs from me. I muster up my deepest scary voice, "FEEee FIE FOE FUM! Here I come to spank your BUM!" or 'get your tum!' They scream and scatter. The kids love to jump and play on Athena's bed. It's the 'fun place.' Carson and Athena will be roommates in August because new baby will come two months after that. I've already re-arranged her room and Carson's toddler bed will be arriving next week! I'm excited to set it up but I will miss his being in a crib and the control that gives me over his sleeping schedule. This boy could be in a crib for sooo much longer. He is not a limit tester and he would not try to climb out, but new baby gets here Oct 10th. (Due date is 10-10-10) We find out May 14th what we're having! :)

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