Thursday, September 4, 2008

Update on Athena

I was IM'ing Brielle and mentioned Athena says this, "yada yada" and Brielle says, "She talks?! Sarah, you need to update your blog!" So here goes and you can thank Brielle.

Athena (20 months old) does talk. She mostly asks, "wha sat?" (what's that) and she likes to label things; "isa momma" "isa daddy" "isa baby" "is elmo"- pointing at all the appropriate people. Elmo is part of the family in that way. She loves Elmo. We were at Best Buy and she was tired and cranky. As we walked in she pointed ecstatically and shouted "Elmo Elmo!" we didn't see Elmo anywhere, but on the way out there was in fact a little stand with Elmo dvds and dolls. So we sat there on the ground and played with them while Conrad finished his shopping.

Her words:
"bubbo" - bubbles
"moom" - moon
"wums" - worms
"didi" - dirty
"titty" :) - kitty
"ticky" - sticky (hands)
"whas at?" or "what is sat?" - what's that
"hi baby" - whenever we see strangers "hi momma"
"is hat is gone" - his hat is gone - her longest sentence ever.
"peas" - please. She uses it a lot to get what she wants
"no! heyyy" - no hey!- it's her assertive 'knock it off' statement.
"no baby" - when I pour water on her head in the bath. She attaches 'baby' to lots of her no's - maybe I do that and she's just copying. (??)
"is otay" it's okay
"baw" ball
"seen" - it's an invented word often coupled with "bye seen!"
"beas" - another invented one. coupled with "isa beas!" yesterday she added a t to it and exclaimed to Conrad about the vacuum cleaner, "isa beast!"
there are a few more, but that covers the basics
she loves:
cottage cheese and chips, cucumbers. And she likes the novelty of picking things outside and eating them- like strawberries and tomatoes. Sometimes she'll eat some green bitter tomato bites- weird kid. And ripe ones make her skin around her mouth rash up till we wash the acidic juice off, but she still eats them- again for the novelty; they are not nearly as cool in her highchair. I have to teach her that not every fruit-looking-thing on a plant is edible; like Oregon grape or crabapple at the park.

She chased her friend around the house yesterday saying,"Hey hey hey!" then spanked her little hiney (not hard) and then walked off. I do that to her in my rough house play. It's a game. I never expected to see her do it to another kid! Her friend (19 months) was like, "er okay" and kept playing.

In nursery other kids will cry, and after she gets over her own initial crying she will go around and hug and kiss the children and say, "is otay." We have a book about feelings and it shows a comic strip where a boy drops his ice cream cone and cries with a red face. She bawled with her head on the ground when she saw it. She understands when people are sad, but she doesn't realize yet that she can be the cause of another's sorrow.

The "nursery bully" took her toy and she pushed his chest and said, "no." He cried and stalked off. That's my girl! (flashback: When I was in nursery a red-headed boy took each kid's toy and smacked their heads one by one. I surrendered my toy and scurried under a table thinking- I have no toy, therefore he'll leave me alone. He smacked my head anyway!) So - Good job Athena! You tell em!

She likes other kids. She often chases older kids around. "hi babies!" She shouts. She doesn't know 'kid, boy or girl' yet. There's more, but she won't let me be on here long.


Betsy B. said...

I LOVE the updates. She's so darling!! Ok, do you remember your nursery bully that clearly? I don't have memories much earlier than 4. It must have been pretty traumatic.

Sarah said...

I do remember early memories: I tried to change my diaper one night and it was very awkward and one of my brothers woke up and helped me. Maybe I was old enough to be potty trained, but young enough to wear diapers at night. Who knows.

I remember wearing the same pink dress to church every Sunday. My teacher would comment on my pink dress every Sunday like it/I was cute. My mom gave it to me after I had Athena and it's Athena's SIZE now. Which strikes me as odd, because I felt very 'adult' at that point in my life-at the time I wore that dress.

I remember my kid days very well, but I don't remember things I've done as an adult as well. I think it's because my mind wanders too much.

Brielle said...

That was an awesome update Sarah! She is so cute and I can't wait to hear her talk when she comes. Even as a tiny baby I remember he really liking other babies and children. She is sweet.