Friday, February 29, 2008

Mystery Tree Discovered

I've been loving this tree since I set eyes on it last year. I've wondered what its name was so I could buy one and stick it in my yard. It's a Globe Willow! thanks to my smart friends at


Sarah said...

nobody cares

Vanessa said...

Globe Willows are great trees because they grow so quickly and have a nice shape, but there's a few things I've learned about them.

1. Because they grow so fast, they have weak limbs. If they have a heavy snowfall you must shake snow off ASAP.

2. Do not overwater or else the roots grow close to the surface. They need deep waterings about 1x a month.

3. If you buy one, choose one with a nice, strong, central branch. Do not choose one with two central branches. In a few years it WILL split.

Sarah said...

Good to know! Thank you! I hear Willows in general are susceptible to all sorts of disease too.